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Testosterone is the most critical anabolic hormone in the body. It is the hormone that creates the alpha male. Healthy levels of the male hormone are critical for people who want to boost strength, reduce body fat and build lean muscle.The androgenic hormone enhances sexual health. It separates the real men from the boys.It is the male hormone that is produced naturally in your body and is responsible for having a strong libido, deep voice and masculinity.

best natural testosterone booster

The androgenic hormone also enhances increased energy production, promotes muscle development, helps reduce body fat and improves your overall mood.

Androgen levels fall as a man grows older. In addition, stress, nutrition and environmental factors affect testosterone production. The levels of the hormone in a 50 year old man is much lower than that of a 17 year old boy. To solve this challenge, the market offers hormone supplements for the men who are looking for a real, effective natural solutions that support production of this powerful hormone.

The supplements use the right doses of ingredients and lists them clearly on the label. The ingredients are designed to work synergistically to enhance the androgen levels of the body.

How does these supplements work?

To enhance your body’s natural androgen levels, you need strongest natural workout supplements on the market that boost the hormone’s production safely. Healthy levels of the male hormone have a positive impact on overall health and muscle development.

Strongest workout supplements should encourage production of more of the androgenic hormone in your body. It should also reduce estrogen levels, which has the effect of increasing the levels of the androgenic hormone further. The booster should prevent the conversion of androgen into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This has the effect of increasing the anabolic benefits of androgen.

Some androgen supplements supply the testosterone–producing cells in the testicles with antioxidants. This enhances peak production of the male hormone.

The ingredients contained in the best over the counter testosterone boosters reduce the excretion of the hormone from your body. This means that you are able to constantly retain higher androgen levels in your blood.

The supplements free extra androgen from binding protein molecules that prevents it from being used in your body. This makes it possible for your body to use more of the hormone to support strength and muscle development.

An androgen supplement enhances testosterone production in the brain and in the testicles.In the brain, the supplement supports the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland.LH then moves to the testicles through the blood steam.In the testicles, LH will enhance androgen production. The supplement also works directly on the testicles to make key enzymes more active so that cholesterol is converted to androgen.

The androgen supplement regulates the levels of enzymes that convert the male hormone into estrogen.Though estrogen is the main female hormone, it is also found in men. High levels of estrogen reduce the levels of androgen. The ingredients in an androgen supplement should maintain a healthy estrogen level.

The supplement also promotes the correct levels of 5 alpha – reductase enzyme that converts androgen into DHT.Though DHT causes desirable male characteristics, such as high sex drive, it also produces unattractive outcomes such as baldness and acne.By enhancing a healthy balance of DHT, the booster lets you enjoy the benefits of higher anabolic effects of androgen while reducing the undesirable effects of DHT.

Androgen supplements have ingredients that deliver antioxidants for the testosterone-producing cells in the testicles.Toxins reduces the cells’ activity. The supplement maintains ideal androgen levels by supporting the functioning of the specialized cells.

Androgen supplements are not for everyone.Don’t think about taking them if you are under thirty or have adequate androgen levels. Before using the supplements you should check with your physician to ensure you are in good health.

Androgen supplements should not be used by people who have pre-existing medical conditions ,including depression,diabetes,anaemia,anxiety,stroke,prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, heart disease, psychiatric disease, seizure disorder, liver disease or if you are taking any medication.

Let’s take a look on some of the ingredients used to make natural androgen supplements.

Fenugreek extract

Research has shown that men supplementing with Fenugreek have better sexual health. Fenugreek also supports healthy testosterone levels. Fenugreek contains furostanolic saponins, which are phytochemicals that support the release of LH from the pituitary gland, which promotes more production of androgen in the testicles.

Fenugreek can directly cause the testicles to produce more of the male hormone by supporting the activity of enzymes that convert cholesterol into androgen.

Fenugreek liberates more androgen from sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which increases the level of bio-available male hormone.

Fenugreek lowers the conversion of androgen to DHT and estrogen.

Research has shown that Fenugreek further increases levels of androgen through its antioxidant effects. It prevents the oxidative damage that can hinder the production of androgen in the testicles.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract

It is made from a plant that originates from the rain forests of Malaysia. Eurycoma has been effective in boosting sexual health in Malaysia for hundreds of years.

Research has shown that supplementing with Eurycoma increases androgen levels while simultaneously increasing healthy levels of cortisol. A healthy androgen to cortisol balance indicates an increased anabolic state.

The extract supports higher levels of the androgen by directly increasing the production of the hormone in the testicles.Eurycoma also supports an ideal andro to estrogen balance. Studies have indicated that the extract inhibits the aromatase enzyme to reduce estrogen production and increases androgen production in the Leydig cells of the testicles.

Eurycoma liberates more androgen from SHBG .It has been reported that Eurycoma increases strength and frees androgen by lowering the levels of the carrier protein, SHBG.

Some of the supplements that have made it to the list of the top ten testosterone boosters 2014 include the following:

Testo Fuel

This supplement is new in the market.Testo Fuel has attracted a lot of attention from athletes and body builders all over the world.

Unlike many other androgen supplements available on the market, Testo Fuel was researched for many years by leading research scientists and medical experts to ensure the product is safe and effective.

If you are hoping to build lean muscle faster, then Testo Fuel is one of the products that should be top on your list

The supplement is only available to order direct from the manufacturer, at

Testo Fuel helps in providing more energy when you are working out at the gym and when trying to gain more lean muscle mass easily.

It is worthy to note that Testo Fuel does not contain androgen. Instead, it is made from ingredients that influence the body’s ability to increase production of androgen naturally. Higher androgen levels in the body mean that you are able to build more muscle.

The ingredients contained in Testo Fuel include Zinc, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Magnesium, D-Aspartic acid, Oyster extract and Vitamins D3, K2 and B6.

You should know the side effects of the product you are looking at before you consider using it.Because of the fact that Testo Fuel is made up of all natural ingredients, it has been proven that there are no side effects associated with its use.

The results of Testo Fuel can be seen in a short amount of time. Within two weeks of using Testo Fuel, you will notice the initial increase in muscle growth.

Directions for use state that one capsule should be taken with meals four times daily. Users should take the supplement consistently and should never exceed the stated dose.

Animal Test by Universal Nutrition

Animal test is a natural supplement that enhances androgen levels in your body, promotes vascular health and controls estrogen production in your body. This is important if you are to build more lean muscle and have more energy.

The taste of most supplements can be a problem. Many of the supplements available on the market either have a nasty taste or a strong odor.It is possible to get an effective androgen supplement without the nasty characteristics and Animal Test is a real proof. The supplement has no taste or smell.

The active ingredients contained in Animal Test are standard for androgen supplements. It has the right combination of ingredients to enhance regulation of estrogen levels and increase androgen production.

Why would you bother buying any other supplement? Animal Test is one of the androgen supplements that work as they should. It’s hard to find a supplement that is that efficient.

Though it really works, it is one of the most expensive androgen supplements on the market of 2015. The price can be an issue for some people but if you have the extra cash, this could be what you need to build more lean muscle and gain more energy.

Battle Fuel XT by Muscle Pharm

Muscle Pharm has the reputation of producing great androgen boosters. Battle Fuel XT is an updated version of Battle Fuel, which became popular with body builders for giving positive results during work out programs.

Battle Fuel enhances all your desirable male characteristics and that includes sex drive, attitude, muscle mass, aggression and strength. All this is good if you have no apologies for being male.

One of the things that makes Battle Fuel XT better than the original is its power to boost the levels of androgen production while regulating the production of estrogen.With the ideal balance of both hormones, you get more energy, you feel good all day and soon you begin to notice increased muscle development.

With this supplement, there is the tendency to have acne outbreaks just as is the case with most supplements in its category. Increased level of testosterone in your body causes a higher rate of acne. All you need is to maintain body hygiene.

Anatropin by Gaspari Nutrition

Anatropin is effective in increasing androgen levels and controlling levels of estrogen.It is an all-natural supplement.In both male and female bodies, free androgen is usually converted into estrogen to maintain a balance in the body. Conversion of androgen into estrogen inhibits muscle growth.

Anatropin is created to boost androgen in your body and also keep it from being converted into estrogen and DHT.It is able to tell the quality of an androgen supplement by the ingredients that it contains. Some of the ingredients contained in Anatropin include Zinc, Velvet Bean extract, Vitamin D3, Anacyclus Pyrethrum DC extract and Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract. The ingredients have the power to replenish the energy after a workout. During work out, your body consumes a lot of nutrients and when those nutrients are not replenished, it is difficult for your body to heal and recover, which is important for building muscle.

For maximum muscle development and energy, you should take three capsules daily. Take two capsules on an empty stomach in the morning and then take one more eight hours is highly recommended that you don’t exceed the daily dose.

The use of natural ingredients means that the risk of testosterone pills side effects associated with the use of this supplement are significantly reduced. Ideally, there are no acne outbreaks.

This legal testosterone booster has little direct influence on the level of the male hormone in the body. What it is designed to do is to prevent free androgen from being turned into estrogen and DHT.It is very efficient in playing this role. The supplement should be used together with another type of booster that is effective in enhancing the production of androgen in the body.

TribuPlex 750 by MRM

TribuPlex 750 supports higher levels of androgen by directly increasing the production of the hormone in the testicles. TribuPlex 750 also supports an ideal androgen to estrogen balance. Studies have indicated that TribuPlex 750 inhibits the aromatase enzyme to reduce estrogen production and increase androgen production in the testicles.

TribuPlex 750 also can directly cause the testicles to produce more of the male hormone by supporting the activity of enzymes that convert cholesterol into androgen.

TribuPlex 750 liberates more androgen from sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which increases the level of bioavailable male hormone.

Tauro Test by Anabolic Design

Natural testosterone booster reviews indicate that Tauro Test enhances androgen production in the brain and in the testicles.In the brain, the booster supports the release of luteinizing hormone (LH)from the pituitary gland.LH then moves to the testicles through the blood the testicles, LH will enhance androgen production. The supplement also works directly on the testicles to make key enzymes more active so that cholesterol is converted to androgen.

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  1. Introspecta says:

    There is no scientific proof showing test increases. There is scientific
    proof for tongkat ali though.

  2. OscarReyes38 says:


  3. T Oadaly says:

    If there are not multiple peer reviewed scientific studies showing
    effectiveness, then it’s almost certainly horseshit snake oil, that is more
    likely to harm you than help you. Some of this type of crap ends up
    destroying livers and kidneys. 

  4. Len Mc says:

    try TestoNuke test booster…google it guys

  5. Brayden M. says:

    Green tea lemons
    DAA Horny goat weed
    Trib = no gains just for a broken dick
    Cardio cardio cardio pumps me up in the gym i take this in the early
    morning and walk for an hr on a tredmil briskly can’t believe this i have
    to go on a pure daa mines in a combo 

  6. Tha Killuminati Network says:

    Nice Video man…If any new hott pro hormones comeout like the new Liquid
    Mamba Do a Vid..

  7. Rickey Williams says:

    Question: Can a man take D-Aspartic Acid during the day who is
    already on Pro-Argi9 (L-Arganine) ? Any information would be appreciated.
    I’m just learning supplementation. Thank you.

  8. Dave Coder says:

    How about your results? Have you done any blood test to show how much of
    Test, your body produced? You said it did work out for you…
    ” Not the punch in your face aggression but the Alpha man aggression”…
    any more gems like this?

  9. methodsjuv says:

    i am interested to buy WHEY protein gold standards…. i looked here in my
    local place i did not found any… i would like to buy from your store//…

  10. Eric R says:

    DAA will only boost your test for 12 days. After that it wont go any
    higher. And the 30% that it does boost will basically only help with
    aggression but no gains. You need your test levels to be over 200 to see an
    anabolic effect

  11. Conor Pooley says:

    Yo Tim, can you please do a review of PHD growth factor mass, it has
    creating and daa within its formula. I have used it before with great
    results would love your opinion

  12. JERKLBK says:

    I took it with erase pro and it made me way too aggressive and moody as
    fuck. Dropped it after 3 days. I guess it works but I couldn’t handle it

  13. John Storrs says:

    Waste of money and it’s an excitotoxin which can cause brain damage.
    Glutamine is an excitotoxin as well.

  14. Michael Gorlitsky says:

    aspartic acid causes brain damage, because it is an excitotoxin.

    the amino acid levels in your brain can reach 20 fold higher than normal,
    because proteins were meant to be broken down slowly over time in the liver.

    a great place to start for researching this is a youtube lecture called
    “excitotoxins: the taste that kills”

  15. Rasheed Palmer says:
  16. eli murray says:

    Is it true that adding T will lower your natural production levels. then
    you will have to always need a T replacement?

  17. Shade Slinger says:

    What evidence is there other than you saying its true?

  18. ISEE YOU says:

    Would love to see the scientific study proving any of this makes any
    difference. There isn’t even one for Trib… if ppl did research on legit
    studies they would find there was either no legit study ever done or it
    showed no improvement. Just a way for companies out there to make more

  19. Mark Richardson says:

    Will any natural product increase T in your 40’s? Surely all this stuff is
    a waste of dollars….

  20. СИЛА В ТЕМЕ says:

    D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) Пару слов на русском о Д-Аспаритек 

  21. Mitch Hogan says:

    This stuff works, all these people whinging are probably fat trolls!

  22. Sukra Enterprise says:

    Im a doctor and I cant believe that this information slipped my mind.
    Thanks a lot! Did you ever tried *vunatia handbook for testosterone*? The
    results are insane! Search it on google.

  23. DPunk says:

    For 8 dollars from a bulk powder site like Mrsupps. It’s definitely helped
    me recover so quick, good for weight loss turns your cholesterol into
    test!! I felt difference in 3 days

  24. ali alhashemy says:

    I found that on amazon, they got many products, which one would you
    recommend for baggers who want to put more mass

  25. stugats77 . says:

    taste like shit

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